Friday, February 10, 2006

Transchip Exposition on 3GSM World Congress

Sys-Con Media Reports: Transchip presents quite a few interesting innovations in its TC7040 camera phone module line:

AF solutions:

- Voice-coil technology, using a NanoFocus' HYSonic actuator that offers high reliability with a small footprint
- Electro-wetting technology using the Varioptics Arctic(TM) liquid lens, which can focus at extremely close distances, such as 4 centimeters, with no moving parts
- Piezo electric technology using the Johnson Electric's NanoLens(TM) highly accurate actuator, which provides fast convergence in less than one second
- Piezo electric technology using 1's low power Helimorph(TM) actuator
- Extended focus technology, enabling all parts of image to be in focus without moving the lens.

Zoom solution:

- 3x optical zoom feature, using Johnson Electric's NanoZoom(TM) lens module

This is a good example that smaller companies are often more agile than big juggernauts.

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