Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Avago 1.3MP Sensor Article

EETAsia published an article on Avago ADCC-3000 image sensor.
The ADCC-3000 enables a true 8-by-8mm low-profile module with a z-height of 5mm to 6mm. "Today's Mpixel sensors cannot support a thin module because they are usually quite large on the x and y dimensions, which means the optical format (lens size) is large," said Feisal Mosleh, director of Avago's mobile imaging marketing. "If the lens is large so is the lens thickness which is the predominant factor in determining the z height."
Avago is also proud of its integrated ISP (I-Pipeline) claiming it outperforms others.
Avago was able to create a super thin lens by making advances in pixel design and sensor array layout design. "It's all about design, compression and efficiency of the layout," Mosleh said.
The ADCC-3000 1.3Mpixel sensor is priced at less than $3.25 each in quantities of 1,000,000. Samples and volume production are available in February 2006.
Samples and mass production simultaniously? - sounds too strange to me.

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