Thursday, September 04, 2008

LensVector Comes with New AF Idea

There is a new AF camera-module company called LensVector. Started up in 2006, it still does not have the web site - quite unusual for the technology company these days. SPIE Works tells that the company "commercializing a breakthrough tunable lens technology for the camera mobile phone market" and has 20 employees.

Another SPIE Works message tells develops a "new miniature liquid crystal based auto focus device for use in digital camera modules." The company is split between Mountain View, CA, and Quebec City, Canada.

LensVector was founded by Tigran Galstian, Canadian University Laval Professor. Probably LensVector is a continuation of his previous work mentioned in The Register.


  1. Very interesting idea...You must keep us updated about this new technology!

  2. It's a very little known about LensVector. If you send me more info, I would gladly publish it.


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