Thursday, September 03, 2009

Layoffs, Layoffs

As Mitch Reifel reports in Linked-In CMOS/CCD Image Sensor Group discussions, Kodak has shuttered its CMOS sensor group. The group was the home of many technological innovations. Unfortunately the nice ideas have not translated into the market success. Sad story.

Another layoff story brought to my attention is Cypress/Fillfactory site layoffs. My understanding is that a significant part of Filfactory staff has been let go. Formerly I wrote that Fillfactory is profitable inside Cypress - it looks like I was grossly wrong. Another sad story.

Update: Kodak CIS group layoffs message disappeared from the Linked-In group. Still, Kodak layoffs are real, confirmed by other sources.

Update #2: The validity of information about Cypress/Fillfactory layoffs is questioned in comments. Till the official confirmation one should see it as an unconfirmed rumor.


  1. Hey, I got a mention on your blog! I'm famous! :-)

    Feel free to drop me a line at if you want to connect directly.

  2. So, what happens to the ten year Kodak/Motorola deal?

  3. OVT is hiring now (small amount openning), hope the layoffed people can get new home

  4. Mitch,

    > Hey, I got a mention on your blog! I'm famous! :-)

    Actually, you have been mentioned a long time before, you are already famous:

  5. Caeleste (ex Cypress/FillFactory people who left on their own) is also hiring.
    So the world turns around ...

  6. All of the Kodak CMOS sensors have been moved to their obsolete devices list.

  7. CMOSIS is also hiring. They contain much more of the talent from the old Fillfactory than Caeleste.

  8. The Kodak story is true.

    The Cypress/FillFactory story is NOT true however.

    I'm not going to bother naming my sources to back up what I'm saying, as I'm not the gossiping kind.

  9. What isn't true? That both Caeleste and Cmosis are hiring? That most former Fillfactory key people are today in one of these companies? Or that Cypress/Fillfactory is firing people each quarter since Q1?

  10. Time shall tell who gains from lay-offs :)
    Possible scenarios, post lay-off win-win, win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose
    Lets discuss sensor news !!

  11. Kodak's sunnyvale facility to be closed at the end of Sept.
    100 people laid off.
    CMOS is over at Kodak.


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