Friday, December 30, 2011

Truesense Imaging Inc. and Digital Optics Corp.

As written in comments, the recently acquired Kodak Image Sensor Solutions has been quietly renamed to Truesense Imaging, Inc. Kodak has first used Truesense name for its W-RGB color filter products almost 3 years ago. I wonder if the new company name meant to emphasize the W-RGB products importance.

Meanwhile, Tessera renamed its imaging and optics division into Digital Optics Corporation. The new entity is responsible for wafer-scale optics (former Shellcase), EDoF (former Eyesquad and Dblur), MEMS AF motors (former Siimpel), micro-optics (the original bearer of Digital Optics Corporation name, acquired by Tessera in 2006) and image enhancement software (former Fotonation). It appears that the division has been renamed and separated into the wholly owned subsidiary in June 2011.

Another part of Tessera dealing with chip packaging is separated and renamed too. Its new name is Invensas. In Nov. 2011 Invensas acquired patent assets of California-based TSV foundry ALLVIA. It does not seem to target image sensor applications though.


  1. Invensas - not to be confused (but it is confusing!) with Invensense - which is a MEMS company in the digital imaging space. Good thing they did not name DOC Invensas. I believe Invensas may be a sort of patent troll whereas DOC is a value-added technology development and licensing company. Tessera guys pls. feel free to correct me if I got it wrong.

  2. Why don't they use Kodak Imaging? Is Kodak a shame for them??

  3. Kodak is a brand and they are not part of Kodak anymore. So they cannot use "Kodak" in their name.

  4. TrueSense is trademarked (earlier) by GE and some other companies. Funny to choose a name trademarked by GE. Could be trouble down the road. TrueSense was also trademarked by Kodak France...

    Also somewhat funny to me is that Photobit had long ago trademarked TrueColor and TrueBit for the color processing and ADC respectively.

    On the other hand, Kodak used the "True Colors" Cyndi Lauper song in the 1980's for their advertising of their film products. So did the gay community, I just learned, thanks to Wikipedia.

  5. Kodak has an earlier priority date then GE

  6. You guys should be less focused on the name, and more focused on the success of a manufacturing group that Kodak ( Perez ) sold because of needed revenue. Thank you Mr.Perez - Truesense has a bright future and is manufacturing something here in the US. Kodak under your watch has hit a ICE BERG. Women and children first.


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