Thursday, December 01, 2011

New Version of Panasonic ToF D-Imager Works Outdoors

Youtube has a demo video of a new version of Panasonic 3D ToF D-Imager - EKL3106 capable to work outdoors at up to 100,000 lux illumination. The previous D-Imager version EKL3104 was speced up to 20,000 lux.


  1. This guy is standing in the shadow. The video does not prove that the camera works under full sunlight conditions.

  2. ..that's exactly what I thought. Apart from that, there is usually no window between camera and objects in outdoor applications!

    1. Having a window between the camera and person is a harder challenge to overcome. The glass tends to reflect the IR light back to the camera and saturate the image. The camera would have an easier time without the glass, so the fact the camera can do this is notable.

  3. The "new" camera is not visible, it can be everything. In shadow i expect only 20-25k lux.

  4. But this guy is not a japanese??

  5. Maybe the following paper is of interest in context of ambient light subtraction:
    G. Zach, M. Davidovic, and H. Zimmermann, "Extraneous-light resistant multipixel range sensor based on a low-power correlating pixel-circuit,” in Proc. 35th IEEE European Solid-State Circuits Conf., ESSCIRC’ 09, Sep. 2009, pp. 236–239
    Authors claim to "suppress ambient light up to 150 klx full-electronically and autonomously in each single pixel". Other notable property in this sensor is high optical fill factor though the pixel size is larger compared to other sensors.

  6. What I know is that Panasonic has done some development with MESA. So the concept must be similar to their Chips.
    The highest resolution which researchers at TU of Vienna have accomplished is 16x16 in 2010.


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