Friday, December 16, 2011

Eedoo Game Console Postponed Again

Penn Olson reports that China Eedoo iSec console release is pushed back again. Eedoo’s CEO tells Sina Tech there’s no scheduled release date now. The console is featuring by Softkinetic ToF 3D sensor and supposed to compete with Xbox Kinect.

Eedoo is now negotiating its 3rd round of financing. The company's CEO said that next year the company's total investment in the iSec project will reach 100M yuan ($15M).

Update: PC World: Eedoo has pushed back its launch date again to some time later in 2012, said Eedoo spokesman Victor Wang on Monday. A source close to the situation however said on condition of anonymity that the launch of the product may be delayed further as the product was not found to be robust enough.


  1. 哎~~~典型的中国行事方式

  2. It says "Hey --- typical chinese way of doing things" just translating using Google translate.

  3. I think that the chineses are duped by Belgium guys and their ToF devices can never work really.

  4. You can order the SoftKinetic DS311 - which has the same "guts" as te EEDOO camera - online from our web site here:

    It comes with a run-time version of our iisu middleware for re-selling into an end application, so is priced more than a dedicated game camera. Volume discounts are available. If you want it without the middleware it would cost the same as a Kinect in volume.

    All you need is a credit card to order, and we can support orders into the 1000s immediately, and can ship orders of magnitude higher if anyone is interested.

  5. it's much more expensive than Kinect!!! does it work well??


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