Thursday, December 08, 2011

2nd Day of Image Sensor of High Performance Applications Workshop

Albert Theuwissen published a report on the 2nd day of CMOS Detector Workshop in Toulouse, France. The report was written by Mukul Sarkar and covers Caeleste 0.5e- noise sensor, among other papers:

CMOS image sensor pixel with 0.5 noise electrons RMS – CAELESTE
  • The RTS noise and 1/f noise is reduced by cycling the MOSFET between inversion and accumulation to produced un-correlated noise which when sampled become “white”.
  • A CTIA configuration was used and a very high conversion gain of nearly 1000uV/e- was reported.
  • When the cycling of the MOSFET was not used a 2e- readout noise was obtained. While when the cycling was performed a 0.5e- readout noise at dark was measured. However it mentioned that the measurements showed variance and it might be due to the CVF. The research institutes and PhDs were invited to do an independent confirmation!


  1. Is it possible to download the presentations? Could anybody tell me where to find them?

  2. Hi,

    I believe the presentation will be made available shortly. In the meantime, you can download ours from our website, if Vladimir allows would be so kind to allow me to put a link here to our publications page:

    the second is with courtesy of ESO, BTW.

    Best regards.



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