Monday, June 25, 2012

Invisage Gets a Chairman of the Board

Marketwire: InVisage announces that it has named industry veteran Syrus P. Madavi as chairman of the board. In addition to his position as chairman of InVisage, Madavi is president of a private fund SPM Capital. Madavi's career has included serving as chairman, president and CEO of Burr-Brown Corporation; president, COO, and director of JDS Uniphase; SVP of TI; president of Raytheon Semiconductor; and founder and president of Signal Processing Technologies.


  1. I know this is a technical blog, but can there at least be some proper grammar in the headline?

    May I suggest: "Invisage gets a Chairman of the Board"....

  2. hey vlad does alright for english as a 3rd language. pls try to be helpful and not critical.

  3. Looks Like Jess Running Out of Money


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