Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lytro Switches its CEO

As Ren Ng posted in Lytro company blog, "we have entered a new chapter for Lytro. I have decided to step aside as CEO and take on a new role that will let me concentrate on innovation as Executive Chairman. I will remain a full-time employee, 100% focused on Lytro. In my new role I will shift attention from day-to-day operations, to focus again on product vision, technology, and strategic direction for the company.

Charles Chi will be taking over as interim CEO. Charles has been our Executive Chairman for the last two years.

"The last two years have been a very exciting and dramatic period of growth for Lytro. We launched the company out of stealth, raised approximately $50M, grew a team of over 80 people, and shipped a truly revolutionary product."

Via dpreview.


  1. From my point of view, the consumer camera is basically a artistic tool. And Lytro camera with everything in focus is a technical tool. I think that they target the wrong market sector. Just ask yourself, do you need a camera with possible all in focus but with 100X less pixels for your holiday? My answer is no. Maybe interesting for google street view cameras.

  2. what is the price for this stuff??

  3. $50M investment ... probably sales not going so fast so investors want to change horse.

  4. refocusing is cool. no worth the 500 bucks though. I got one and its fun but would rather have the focusing stuff on my iPhone5 or 6

  5. In other word: Lytro is not selling any cameras.
    Instead of changing their product they change the CEO.

    Who cares

  6. So long to the "mega-rays" labels. It was somewhat offending the intelligence of the average consumer.

    if it looks like a dog and barks like a dog than its a dog or a 1 MegaPixl camera

  7. It is a significant investment into a company for which the outcome can be seen clearly from the start.

    1) If it doesn't go in a cell phone it won't go anywhere. No one wants to carry around a low quality camera as a separate device. Everyone already has one in their phone.
    2) The resolution is horrible so only kids would buy it and kids only buy a camera if its on a phone.
    3) You can't play in a niche market with ~100M in investment. You have to go into a phone.
    4) You can't take a bunch of software folks and expect to get good hardware. It's very hard to get into a phone with a piece of hardware as a startup.

    The investors only needed to consider one thing: phone.
    Perhaps they were falsely convinced that it was heading there.


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