Thursday, November 01, 2012

Omnivision Launches OmniBSI+ CameraCubeChip

PRNewswire: OmniVision announces what it says is the industry's most compact VGA CameraCubeChip to date: the OVM7695. The camera module size is just 2.4 x 2.4 x 2.3 mm. The sensor is based on 1.75um OmniBSI+ pixel.

"Front-facing cameras have quickly become a defining feature in mobile devices. As these devices continue down the path of miniaturization, manufacturers are tasked with providing a better video recording experience within tighter space constraints," said Aaron Chiang, senior technical marketing manager at OmniVision.

The OVM7695 is currently sampling and is expected to enter volume production by the first quarter of 2013.


  1. Is it reflowable?

  2. according to PR, yes.

  3. When I told people in the early 90's that CMOS APS was going to allow cameras as small as 1 cm^3, most thought it was fantasy. The camera-cube shown is just 1.3% of that volume! I cannot help but say "well done" to Omnivision....which will likely cause a lot of people to fall out of their chairs!

  4. I wonder what the image quality is like. Just because you can make it doesn't make it a good product. We probably make 0.3um pixels. Will they be any good? Likely not.

  5. The image quality seems very bad. And such struct could NOT apply actuator for auto-focus. Maybe for TOY market (or some non-image markets), it would be a great product. But until now, even for the front camera, its quality is still too poor.


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