Friday, November 02, 2012

High Speed Imaging Circa 1980

This Youtube video teardown shows internal design of Kodak Spin Physics high-speed digital camera, originally released in 1980. The camera had a resolution of 240x192 and frame rate of 2000fps - quite impressive numbers for a 30+ year old technology based on 34um pixels:

Here is the sensor's corner snapshot from the video:


  1. fascinating video, thanks for sharing!

  2. More impressive to me than this MOS PPS is getting the 32 channels of photodiode charge off the array at 3 MHz/channel and amplified and balanced. I'm sure the input-referred noise must be 100's of electrons, perhaps 1000's, so lots of light required, but analog balancing of 32 "high speed" channels like this is no easy trick in a production camera.

    BTW, I watched the video standalone directly from YouTube at full screen. The quality of the microscope video is quite good and you can see a lot of detail.


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