Monday, December 17, 2012

Image Sensors 2013 Program

Image Sensors 2013 conference speaker list is finalized. The conference is to be held on March 19-21 in London, UK. There is quite a lot of good presentations in the list, possibly, even exceeding the previous years:

  1. BSI CMOS Image Sensors with RGBC Technology
    Dr Howard E Rhodes, CTO, OMNIVISION, USA
  2. SPADnet: Smart Sensor Network with Embedded Coincidence Detection for PET applications
    Prof Edoardo Charbon, TU DELFT, The Netherlands
  3. Broadcast Global Shuttered Low Noise CMOS Imagers
    Dr.Ir Peter Centen, Director R&D, BU Cameras, GRASS VALLEY, The Netherlands
  4. Silicon MEMS Auto Focus Camera Modules
    Dr Alexandru Drimbarean, Sr. Director, Research & Development, DIGITALOPTICS CORPORATION, UK
  5. SPAD-based Time-of-Flight sensor for mobile/consumer applications
  6. Past, present and future of DSC technology and image quality
    Dietmar Wueller, Director, IMAGE ENGINEERING, Germany
  7. Optimising sCMOS sensor performance in digital camera applications
    Dr Gerhard Holst, Head of R&D, PCO, Germany
  8. Will emerging technologies and new applications reshape the CMOS image sensors industry?
    Paul Danini, Technology & Market Analyst, Imaging Technologies & MEMS Devices, YOLE DEVELOPPEMENT, France
  9. Long-Range Time-of-Flight Imaging in CMOS for Advanced Driving-Assistance Systems
    Dr Cristiano Niclass, Researcher, TOYOTA CENTRAL R&D LABS, Japan
  10. Update on MISPiA project - CMOS SPAD imagers at the single-photon level, for 2D imaging and 3D ranging acquisitions
    Prof Franco Zappa, POLIMI, Italy
  11. What’s wrong with the modern DSC – a maverick colour scientist’s view on areas for improvement
    Alan Roberts, Colour Science Consultant (former BBC R&D), UK
  12. Mythbusting 3D imaging – where this sector is really heading
    Jim Lewis, CEO, MESA IMAGING, Switzerland
  13. Exploring the duality of image sensor and display technology development in 3D broadcast technology – experiences from the London 2012 Olympics and beyond..
    Jim De Filippis, Broadcast Engineering Consultant, FOX TV, USA
  14. Multi Aperture Imaging – why? And why now?
    Ziv Attar, CEO and Co Founder, LINX IMAGING, Israel
  15. A Thin Form Factor, High Resolution, and High Performance Camera Array Architecture for Mobile Imaging
    Kartik Venkataraman, Founder and CTO, PELICAN IMAGING, USA
  16. High-resolution, High-Frame Rate CMOS Image Sensors for High-End DSC/DVC Applications
    Junichi Nakamura, Managing Director, CMOS Image Sensor Design Center, APTINA, Japan
  17. Very Large Area CMOS Imagers for Healthcare
    Professor Nigel M Allinson, MBE, Distinguished Chair of Image Engineering Lincoln School of Computer Science, UNIVERSITY OF LINCOLN, UK

There are also unnamed presentations by Rico Marchesi, VP Sales & Marketing, EPSROS PHOTONICS, Switzerland and Chris Yates, CTO, ODOS IMAGING, UK.

Thanks to RS for sending me the info!

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