Saturday, December 01, 2012

Raytrix Presentation at VISION 2012 Show

A 15 min long Vimeo Raytrix presentation at VISION 2012 shows the new effects and once again explains the principle of lightfield camera:

A pdf version of the presentation is here. Youtube version of the video is here.


  1. I suppose this approach, which looks quite interesting in this presentation, has similar limitations to stereo imaging when it comes to depth determination. That is smooth surfaces would be a problem, and occlusions also a problem. That is just a supposition. Anyone know for sure?

  2. Nice presentation!
    It's very interesting to work with a virtual image in front of the microlens array. Finally we create a small world in front of the microlens array where a single lens works like a camera. The occulsion problem is relaxed, because we look at virtual image. The baseline limitation is relaxed because the virtual image could be very close to the microlens.

    -yang ni


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