Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Superpix and Galaxycore Recognized for Best Tech Support in China

PR Newswire: EETimes-China 11th Annual China Fabless Survey revealed that Galaxycore and Superpix are among Top 10 Outstanding Technical Support companies. Superpix made it for the second year in a row (see last year results). Galaxycore also won "2012 Forbes China Best Potential Enterprise Award".

Talking about China-based CIS companies, recently Superpix announced its first 1.75um pixel design - the 2MP SP2518. Galaxycore announced its second generation 1.75um pixel sensor the GC2015. The first generation one was announced a year ago.

Meanwhile, the third China's image sensor company, Brigates, launches its first sensor targeting high end security cameras, the MCCD-BG0601. Its IR sensitivity is said to be 3 times of that of CCDs. The D1 (PAL) resolution sensor uses 8.3um x 8.6um pixels.

Update: Credit Suisse report from Nov. 15 gives some more data about Galaxycore sales, #4 in China's biggest fabless companies list:

"In the CMOS image sensor market, SMIC’s key customer – GalaxyCore (private) – shipped around 600 mn units in 2011, an increase of 70% from 350 mn units in 2010. The majority of GalaxyCore’s CIS has resolution is under 2Mpixels and it mainly serves the China feature phone market and is preparing for higher-pixel products for the booming smartphone market."


  1. Are they selling the 2MP sensors cutting from the wafers bought from STM???

  2. Does anyone know of some products with glaxycore sensors in them?


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