Thursday, December 20, 2012

SMIC Announces BSI Test Chip Success

PRNewswire: SMIC, China's largest and most advanced semiconductor foundry, announced it has a BSI CMOS image sensor "first test chip demonstrating good image quality even in low-light conditions". The complete BSI process has been independently developed by SMIC and is targeted to enter risk production with partnering customers in 2013.

While driving its BSI technology toward commercial production, the company is soon to begin early development of next-generation CIS technology based on 3D integrated circuits.

"We are proud to be the first Chinese foundry to successfully develop BSI CMOS image sensors," said SMIC CEO Dr. TY Chiu. "CMOS image sensors are among the key value-added technologies that SMIC offers for customers in the mobile device and imaging markets."

"With this achievement as a stepping stone, our development team will drive the BSI sensor technology to timely commercialization," added Dr. Shiuh-Wuu Lee , SMIC's SVP of Technology Development. "This breakthrough further solidifies SMIC's position as the advanced technology leader in China."

Since the introduction of its FSI CIS process in 2005, SMIC has become a major CIS foundry in China, primarily for mobile phone and consumer electronics applications. In order to provide turnkey CIS fabrication service, SMIC and Toppan Printing of Japan operate a joint venture, Toppan SMIC Electronics (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., (TSES), which fabricates on-chip color filters and micro lenses at SMIC's Shanghai site.

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