Friday, June 28, 2013

Eric Fossum's Latest Papers on QIS, DIS and ToF

Eric Fossum made available his latest papers on QIS, DIS, ToF on-line, including the best poster award win at IISW 2013 (first link):

S. Chen, A. Ceballos, and E.R. Fossum, Digital Integration Sensor, IISW 2013

E.R. Fossum, Application of Photon Statistics to the Quanta Image Sensor, IISW 2013

S. Masoodian, Y. Song, D. Hondongwa, JJ Ma, K. Odame and E.R. Fossum, Early Research Progress on Quanta Image Sensors, IISW 2013

Y. M. Wang, I. Ovsiannikov, S-J Byun, T-Y Lee, Y. Lee, G. Waligorski, H. Wang, S. Lee, D-K Min, Y.D. Park, T-C Kim, C-Y Choi, G.S. Han, and E.R. Fossum, Compact Ambient Light Cancellation Design and Optimization for 3D Time-of-Flight Image Sensors, IISW 2013

E.R. Fossum, Quanta Image Sensor (QIS): Early Research Progress (invited) in Proc. 2013 OSA Topical Meeting on Imaging Systems, Arlington, VA USA June 24-27, 2013.

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