Monday, June 17, 2013

Pelican Imaging Demos its Camera Capabilities

PR Newswire: Pelican Imaging releases a Youtube video showing capabilities of its mobile array camera, including all-in-focus image capture, linear measurement, and 3D video capture:


  1. This movie is not made by a camera array. It's 100% fake and made by a high end video camera.
    Still its nice to see what Nokia's money is being spent on.

  2. Well there's the dream!

    They've even got a single-filament 3D printer (The Cube) printing full color!

  3. But wait, there's more! It also slices, dices and chops!

  4. It can see through objects also, capturing the color and shape of the back of the dancing pair. Really really really amazing technology...

  5. I think the generally accepted practice of introducing new technology is to get the early buy-in of the technical peer group so that writers etc. have someone to talk to when they write articles. I think Pelican needs a better marketing company and management should review this stuff before it is released. It is one thing to excite potential investors, but it could turn ugly fast when they realize what they have seen is highly exaggerated and will not likely happen.


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