Monday, December 28, 2015

Camera Module Report Forecasts Dual Camera Adoption

Korea-based KB Securities analysts come up with a report on camera module market. Few quotes, in a somewhat broken Google translation:

"The camera module shipment growth to 2019 is expected to reach four times the mobile device shipment growth...

The premium smartphone dual (Dual) and 3D, pixels in the low-end phones and increased competition expected with OIS...

Dual Camera module adopted is because it is expected to accelerate in 2016 from this...

Front high pixel camera module, dual camera module, OIS rate mounted on the side as expected the speedy pace...

Mobile devices and camera module shipment forecast
Pixel mobile camera modules share outlook


  1. I hope to see similar setups on MLIC cameras soon. The shallow DOF effect created by HTC M8 Duo Camera is quite nice. Using the second camera as depth sensor, the image processor can blur image planes parallel to the focus plane according to the distance. Once this done on MLIC cameras w cropped sensors, FF will finally lose its (one of the two) main advantage.

  2. I will help you to translate correctly.

    1. An increase rate of camera module shipment will be four times more than the increase rate of mobile device shipment until year 2019.

    2. The important factors that will push forward the sales revenue for camera module manufacturers are adaptation of higher resolution modules, dual camera, OIS, AF actuator in front.

    3. The domestic camera module supply chain is prospected to improve its turn over continuously during the first half of year 2016.

  3. Why is one camera sensor 13MP and the other 2MP. Wouldn't 2 cameras with 13MPs have been a better choice, perhaps?


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