Monday, December 07, 2015

2016 Image Sensors Europe Agenda Announced

2016 Image Sensors Conference to be held on March 16-17 in London, UK, announces its agenda:

Photon Counting Without Avalanche Multiplication - Progress on the Quanta Image Sensor
Eric Fossum, Professor of Thayer School of Engineering at Dartmouth

Opportunities and Differentiation on Image Sensor Market
Vladimir Koifman, Chief Technology Officer of Analog Value

Present and Future Trends in Silicon Imagers for Non-Visible Imaging and Instrumentation
Bart Dierickx, Founder and CEO of Caeleste

Challenges for Scene Understanding in Automotive Environment
Anna Gaszczak, Research Lead Engineer of Jaguar Land Rover

The On-Chip-Optics for Future Optical Sensor
JC Hsieh, Associate Vice President of R&D of VisEra

Security Imaging
Anders Johannesson, Senior Expert - Imaging Research and Development, Axis Communications

Bayer Pattern and Image Quality
Jörg Kunze, Team Leader PreDevelopment of Basler

QuantumFilm: A New Way To Capture Light
Emanuele Mandelli, Vice President of Engineering of InVisage

CIS for High-End Niche Applications
Guy Meynants, CTO of CMOSIS

High Speed Image Sensors
Wilfried Uhring, Professor of ICube Laboratory - University of Strasbourg

Overview of the State of the Art Event Driven Sensors
Tobi Delbruck, Professor of Institute of Neuroinformatics

Minimal form factor camera modules for medical endoscopic and speciality imaging applications
Martin Waeny, CEO of AWAIBA

Challenges for Future Medical Endoscopic Imaging
Nana Akahane, Senior Supervisor - Medical Imaging Technology Department of Olympus Corporation

The Development of High Resolution Scintillators for X-ray Flat Panel Sensors
Simon Whitbread, Technology Specialist of Hamamatsu Photonics

Organic and Hybrid Photodetectors for Medical X-Ray Imaging
Sandro Tedde, Senior Key Expert Research Scientist of Siemens Healthcare

Broadcaster's Future Requirements for Ultra-High Definition TV
Richard Salmon, Lead Research Engineer of BBC Research & Development

Broadcasting and Pixilation
Peter Centen, Director R&D Cameras of Grass Valley

Simon Ji - LG Electronics

Bio-inspired Method Addresses Speed, DR and Power Efficiency Limitations of Image Sensors
Christoph Posch, Chief Technical Officer of Chronocam

New Business Models and Offers in Imaging Doesn't Prevent High Level of Innovation
Philippe Rommeveaux, President and CEO, Pyxalis

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