Friday, December 18, 2015

Yole Interviews Heimann Sensor CEO

Yole publishes an interview with a Heimann Sensor CEO Joerg Schieferdecker. Heimann Sensor is a 14-year old German IR image sensor manufacturer. Schieferdecker talks about a number of emerging thermal IR imaging applications, such a contactless thermometer embedded into a mobile phone:

"We are working to develop such a spot thermometer within Heimann Sensor. Many players in the mobile phone business are looking at these devices but we think that two more years of development are needed in order to get them working. First, single pixel sensors will be used and then arrays will be introduced into the market. The remaining issues are significant. For example, getting a compact device, within a thin ‘z budget’, is very challenging and needs further development at device and packaging level. In the same way, heat shock resistance is a challenge at the moment.

The applications of remote temperature sensing are just huge. Fever measurement, checking outdoor temperatures from your mobile phone, water temperature measurement for a baby’s bath or bottle - the list is endless. Most require 1 or 2°C accuracy, which is already available, while body temperature needs further development to reach 0.2°C accuracy.

We expect to see the first mobile phone with this feature around Christmas 2017.

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