Friday, June 24, 2016

SMIC Buys 70% of LFoundry for 49M Euros

BusinessWire: LFoundry (Italy) and its investor Marsica Innovation S.p.A. (MI) announce the agreement to sell to SMIC a 70% stake of LFoundry for 49M Euros. At the closing, SMIC, LFoundry and MI will own 70%, 15% and 15% of the corporate capital of the target respectively.

In fiscal year 2015, LFoundry revenue was 218M EUR. LFoundry’s capacity is 40,000 8-inch wafers per month. LFoundry used to be Micron's fab manufacturing image sensors for Aptina and continues it now as an independent foundry. At the same time, LFoundry offers 110nm CIS process on the foundry basis.

Sergio Galbiati, the Managing Director of MI and Chairman of LFoundry srl, said, “This is the beginning of a new era for LFoundry and our Italian fab. We are pleased to become part of a very strong worldwide player, SMIC. Together we can further improve LFoundry’s strength on optical sensor related technology, which is well recognized worldwide, and continue to contribute to the growth of technology in Europe, thanks to our partnerships with many relevant players. The agreement with SMIC will enable us to have a stronger level playing field in Europe.

LFoundry, Avezzano, Italy

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  1. This Fab is valuated at 70Meuro, it's a pity that it's so cheap!!

    1. Indeed. What does this mean?
      Perhaps the fab doesn't make any money and doesn't have any outlook of making any money. SMIC basically bought the shell and the tools. Which would mean they have other plans with it. I wonder what this means to ON...

  2. 218M revenue in 2015 and only 70M value? Must be in deep loss...

  3. SMIC should profit the situation to put hand on their CIS process.

  4. ON will go to TSMC... maybe already done?

  5. LFoundry bought a fab in Landshut, which went bankrupted. LFoundry bought a fab in Roussey, which went benkrupted. LFoundry bought a fab in Avezzano, which went ....

  6. The fab is not running at a loss. In fact, it's running out of capacity but can't expand without investment (more physical space is needed....they also need the Capex for sub 65nm processes to enable additional growth for newer products - especially in the Mobile space). SMIC got this fab for CHEAP - good for them.

  7. The wafer sales agreement that transferred to ON as part of the Aptina deal likely only has a couple years left on it, and ON is mindful of keeping Gresham and other fabs utilized. Since Aptina had a fair amount of CIS process IP, it is more likely that ON has been pursuing transition to their internal sites for some time now.

    So Avezzano may or may not have full utilization in its future picture, no matter what they are running now.

  8. ON cannot leave LFoundry any time soon. A lot of their successful business is in automotive, and they have to depend on LFoundry for that business. All of the TSMC business is currently for mobile where they have not been successful.


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