Saturday, October 14, 2017

Waymo Self-Driving Car Relies on 5 LiDARs and 1 Surround-View Camera

Alphabet Waymo publishes Safety Report with some details on its self-driving car sensors - 5 LiDARs and one 360-deg color camera:

LiDAR (Laser) System
LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) works day and night by beaming out millions of laser pulses per second—in 360 degrees—and measuring how long it takes to reflect off a surface and return to the vehicle. Waymo’s system includes three types of LiDAR developed in-house: a short-range LiDAR that gives our vehicle an uninterrupted view directly around it, a high-resolution mid-range LiDAR, and a powerful new generation long-range LiDAR that can see almost three football fields away.

Vision (Camera) System

Our vision system includes cameras designed to see the world in context, as a human would, but with a simultaneous 360-degree field of view, rather than the 120-degree view of human drivers. Because our high-resolution vision system detects color, it can help our system spot traffic lights, construction zones, school buses, and the flashing lights of emergency vehicles. Waymo’s vision system is comprised of several sets of high-resolution cameras, designed to work well at long range, in daylight and low-light conditions.

Half a year ago, Bloomberg published an animated gif image showing the cleaning of Waymo 360-deg camera:

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  1. Those wipers are too cool, just what you need to get rid of bird poo, anyone knows the NIR adsorption of urea?


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