Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Artilux Ge-on-Si IEDM Paper Reports Mass Production Readiness

Taiwan-based Artilux presented its Ge-on-Si paper "High-Performance Germanium-on-Silicon Lock-in Pixels for Indirect Time-of-Flight Applications" by N. Na, S.-L. Cheng, H.-D. Liu, M.-J. Yang, C.-Y. Chen, H.-W. Chen, Y.-T. Chou, C.-T. Lin, W.-H. Liu, C.-F. Liang, C.-L. Chen, S.-W. Chu, B.-J. Chen, Y.-F. Lyu, and S.-L. Chen.

The paper appears to be a process and device development report with statistics on process variations and various optimizations of the device parameters. The conclusion is: "Novel GOS lock-in pixel is investigated at 940nm and 1550nm wavelengths and shown to be a strong contender against conventional Si lock-in pixel. The measured statistical data further demonstrate the technology yields good within wafer and wafer-to-wafer uniformities that may be ready for mass production in the near future."

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