Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Samsung Agreed to Acquire Corephotonics for $155M

Globes: Samsung has agreed to acquire Corephotonics for $155M, according to Globes sources. Three weeks ago, Globes was reported that Samsung was in advanced talks to buy the company. Corephotonics was founded in 2012 and has raised a total of $50M.

Among the company's multi-camera solutions, there is a mono and color cameras image fusion promised to add 2x SNR and 1.5x resolution improvements:

Here is Corephotonics team:

Incidentally, the $155M is the same amount that Sony paid for Toshiba image sensor business in 2015, including the fabs and 1,100 employees.


  1. The whole Optical Zoom tech that Coretronics has seems suspect.
    Oppo advertised or showcased their 5X (Precision) Optical Zoom about 2 years ago in a working prototype, and then we heard nothing of them. Apparently sharp had an optical zoom smartphone many years before anyone else, with that periscope tech that Coretronics seems to be advertising so hard. I am guessing that the reason why it is not implemented as mainstream as it should, maybe due to a huge flaw. Its f-stop must be dropping very drastically and since smartphone sensors have terrible lowlight capabilities, the zoom with varying low light at the various zoom ranges, must be a serious shocker (it would be like jumping off a cliff). I am also guessing that Coretronics hasn't heard of constant f-stop lenses or is unable to create something with that tech.
    Samsung would find out soon enough, whether they made a mistake or not.

  2. You are probably right. I don’t think they have anything special. Just use 2 cameras together like all other companies do. I think they don’t even manufacture anything. Just build a few prototypes. It’s true. Higher zoom mean high f/# making its useful only in sunlight and even the. The diffraction will harm resolution. Samsung must be desperate.

    1. how about the folded optics for zoom - why not discussed here.


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