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Baraja is an automotive LiDAR company headquartered in Australia which specializes in pseudo-random modulation continuous wave LiDAR technology which they call "RMCW". A blog post by Cibby Pulikkaseril (Founder & CTO of Baraja) compares and contrasts RMCW with the more-commonly-known FMCW and ToF LiDAR technologies.

tldr; There's good reason to believe that pseudo-random modulation can provide robustness in multi-camera environments where multiple LiDARs are trying to transmit/receive over a common shared channel (free space).

Full blog article here:

Some excerpts:

Definition of RMCW

Random modulated continuous wave (RMCW) LiDAR is a technique published in Applied Optics by Takeuchi et al. in 1983. The idea was to take a continuous wave laser, and modulate it with a pseudo-random binary sequence before shooting it out into the environment; the returned signal would be correlated against the known sequence and the delay would indicate the range to target. 


... correlation turns the pseudo-random signal, which to the human eye, looks just like noise, into a sharp pulse, providing excellent range resolution and precision. Thus, by using low-speed electronics, we can achieve the same pulse performance used by frequency-modulated continuous wave (FMCW) LiDARs... .

... incredible immunity to interference, and this can be dialed in by software.

RMCW vs. FMCW vs. ToF

... [FMCW and RMCW] are fundamentally different modulation techniques. FMCW LiDAR sensors will modulate the frequency of the laser light, a relatively complicated operation, and then attempt to recognize the modulation in the return signal from the environment.

Both RMCW and FMCW LiDAR offer extremely high immunity from interfering lasers – compared to conventional ToF LiDARs, which are extremely vulnerable to interference.

Spectrum-Scan™ + RMCW is also able to produce instantaneous velocity information per-pixel, also known as Doppler velocity ... something not [natively] possible with conventional LiDAR... .


Baraja's Spectrum OffRoad LiDARs are currently available.

Spectrum HD25 LiDAR samples (specs in image below) will be available in 2022.


  1. This principle has been largely studied as UWB radar in the past.

  2. Reliable sources comment that the manufacturing is a major issue.


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