Monday, February 12, 2024

A message from IEEE Sensors 2024 conference co-chair

In my role as Industrial Co-chair of IEEE SENSORS 2024 conference to be held this year in Kobe, Japan, in October, I want to invite the participation of the image sensor community. SENSORS is a vibrant conference – 1000 attendees in Vienna for SENSORS 2023 – covering sensors devices and systems. I can testify that there is much overlap in the issues addressed in sensors, but for historical reasons it appears that this is a conference that the image sensor community has not had on their radar. I, along with my Industrial Co-Chair Sozo Yokogawa of SONY Semiconductor, would like to change this.

Our proposal is to highlight image sensor technology at the conference through a combination of focused sessions, keynote speakers, a workshop, tutorial, and networking possibilities. I would like to use as a model the success efforts that I have been involved in over many years as part being involved with the technical committees at IEDM and ISSCC. To accomplish this we would like to reach out to our image sensor community to help promote this goal through networking and through volunteering informally or formally.

The sponsoring IEEE Sensor Council, of which I am an AdCom member, has two initiatives that are of note related to this proposal. One initiative is to increase industrial involvement in a way that prioritizes the healthy technical interaction of industry, academia, and laboratories. The other initiative is to develop  close ties between conference participation and the high-impact council-sponsored Sensor Journal and Sensor Letters, enabling both the publishing of work from the conference in the journals and providing a path where accepted papers in the journals are accepted also for presentation at SENSORS.

I have discussed this informally in our community over the last year with positive comments. I look forward to feedback, but most importantly, support of this goal. I look forward to hearing from you and seeing many of you in Kobe.

Dan McGrath
TechInsights Inc.
AdCom member, IEEE Solid State Circuits Society & IEEE Sensor Council


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