Friday, February 23, 2024

Teledyne acquires Adimec

From Metrology News:

Teledyne to Acquire High-Performance Camera Specialist Adimec

Teledyne Technologies has announced that it has entered into an agreement to acquire Adimec Holding B.V. and its subsidiaries (Adimec). Adimec, founded in 1992 and headquartered in Eindhoven, Netherlands, develops customized high-performance industrial and scientific cameras for applications where image quality is of paramount importance.

​“Adimec possesses uniquely complementary technology, products and customers in the shared strategic focus areas of healthcare, global defense, and semiconductor and electronics inspection,” said Edwin Roks, Chief Executive Officer of Teledyne. “For decades and from our own X-ray imaging business headquartered in Eindhoven, I have watched Adimec grow to become a leader in niche applications requiring truly accurate images for precise decision making in time-critical processes.”

Joost van Kuijk, Adimec’s Chief Executive Officer, commented, “It is with great pleasure that we are able to announce publicly that Adimec will become part of Teledyne. Adimec’s success has always been built on ensuring imaging excellence in demanding applications through an unwavering focus on individual customer requirements by our expert engineers and designers.”

Adimec co- Chief Executive Officer, Alex de Boer added, “As a leader in advanced imaging technologies for industrial and scientific markets, Teledyne is the perfect company to build further on the strong foundation the founders and management have established over the past three decades. The entire Adimec team is looking forward to contributing to an exciting future with Teledyne while extending technical boundaries to support our customers with cameras – perfectly optimized to their application needs.”


  1. I do have a long-standing relationship with Adimec, since early '90s. Adimec was one of our customer in my Philips' time, and later became one of my customer in my Harvest Imaging time. Over the last two decades I worked also under the project leadership of Adimec in a couple of European projects. This was in my TU Delft time.
    This company has an incredible amount of experience and knowledge primarily in the field of camera development/production, but also in sensor technology. Adimec for sure will add a lot of value to the capabilities of Teledyne. Congratulations to both companies !

  2. Adimec revenue per employee is quite low. Astonishing that Teledyne found value in acquiring it.

    1. How much is it ? and what is the total revenue and transaction price ?


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