Thursday, July 23, 2015

ST Imaging Business Update

SeekingAlpha: ST Q2 2015 earnings call transcript has few details on ST imaging business:

Carlo Bozotti - President, CEO:

"I think now, Carlo, do we have this exact some of the camera modules. I think this is a business that we have decided to phase-out. So, we are moving from $20 million to $25 million per quarter in - $20 million per quarter for in Q4 last year. Well, this is the order of, we try to give you the precise number but this is a business that for last year was about $20 million and is going to be zero because of the phase-out that we have decided by Q4 this year. So, very close to zero, so, this is the impact of the phase-out of this part.

I have to say that in this unit, we also have the forma ST had some products that are also being phased out. So, now for us to after the discussion we had one quarter ago certain new opportunities that did not materialize. Of course for us remaining flat means to replace this business that is phasing out with new products.

"In other area, that is contributing to this growth is what we call Baby-Bear or the Time-of-Flight silicon photonics, this is now becoming more pervasive in Asia, particularly in the area so far but we have new opportunities of auto-focusing. So and is we have now a number of phone-makers in Asia that are using this new technology for a better out-of-focus.

I have, I think I have got the number here for the overall camera module business, I suppose this was in Q4 last year, right?

Carlo Ferro - CFO:

"No, this is $20 million Carlo, is the reduction in revenues from Q2 ‘14 to Q2 ‘15."

"And then, this is $28 million while the overall image business that decline revenues by $9 million in the same period."

Carlo Bozotti - President, CEO:

"So, in one year on this, in the last 12 months let’s say this camera module business, we lost about $30 million. And I think we have another $10 million or so to go but it will be zero in Q4 this year."

Guenther Hollfelder - Baader:

"The image sensors for automobiles."

Carlo Bozotti - President, CEO:

"Well, I think this is the kind of diversification that we want to push you. I think yesterday I was at major carmakers and say that our sensors is introduction and this is differentiated, of course it’s not a commodity camera module, it’s a differentiated imaging device and that is integral part of our system around advanced safety. And as you know, you need sensors on the car to monitor.

So it’s certainly is an important area. We also have image signal processing solutions for automotive applications. So it is a massive effort, this one around advanced safety. It’s close to our corporation with Mobileye but it’s also this special image-sensor for automotive is our ISP for automotive applications is very much centered on our FD SOI technology. And I think is certainly one area of priority for ST. But to be specific on the camera, we had introduction already.


  1. Can it be translated in English???

  2. STM is a huge organization. They are phasing out the camera module business. In stead, they have new product line called Baby Bear, TOF sensors, and also the imager and ISP for automotive segment.


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