Thursday, January 05, 2006

Explanation of Sony CCD Defects

NE Asia Online: Sony CCD packaging defects came from insufficient bonding wires adhesion and corrosion to the wire bonding surface by the iodine contained in the adhesive used to secure the CCD cover.

"Bonding strength dropped because of "improvements" made in the production line at the Kokubu Plant of Sony Semiconductor Kyushu Corp of Japan in October 2002. Two wire bonding machines were replaced to boost productivity on the CCD line. Unfortunately, this change prevented adequate alloying between Au wires and Al electrodes.

On top of the reduced bond strength came the iodide compound from the adhesive used to secure the CCD top glass cover to the package. The adhesive absorbs moisture in high-temperature, high-humidity environments, and a reaction between the iodide compound and the water generates a corrosive gas inside the package."

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