Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Aptina Presents Third Generation of its 1.75um Pixel

Yahoo: Aptina announced MT9P013 5MP 1/3.2-inch image sensor based on improved 1.75um pixels. The new sensor leverages the same technology Aptina is integrating into its 1.4um image sensors. Specifically, MT9P013 sensor implements the light-gathering advancements from Aptina’s 1.4um pixel sensors. The new sensor’s low-light sensitivity improvement is 2X over the MT9P012 for binning modes.

The sensor supports 720p HD video at 60fps and full 5MP resolution at 15fps. The sensor includes 2-lane MIPI, CCP2 and Parallel interfaces.

MT9P013 samples are presently available with mass production scheduled for the end of January 2009.

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