Monday, November 03, 2008

Cypress Reveals Fast Sensors for Holographic Storage and Machine Vision

Yahoo: Cypress announced sampling of a 3MP 8um pixel image sensor with industry-leading digital data throughput of 13.2 Gbps. The new 3MP LUPA-3000 sensor offers a triggered and pipelined synchronous shutter with a frame rate of 485fps. The pipelined synchronous snapshot shutter allows reading one image while the next is being acquired. The sensor has 32 8-bit digital LVDS outputs, each runs at a 206 MHz pixel rate.

“The high-speed LUPA-3000 sensor opens up the holographic data storage market to our industry leading portfolio,” said Cliff Drowley, vice president of Cypress’s image sensor business unit.

Cypress also announced LUPA-1300-2-color 1.3MP sensor with 14um pixel size, pipelined synchronous shutter and 12 10-bit digital LVDS outputs having a programmable offset and gain amplifier for each channel of the LVDS outputs. Each channel runs at a 61MHz pixel rate, which results in 500fps frame rate at full resolution.

Prototype samples of the LUPA-3000 and LUPA-1300-2-color sensors are available now with production devices expected in the first quarter of 2009.

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