Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Aptina Announces 14MP 1.4um Pixel-Based Sensor

Yahoo: Aptina launched MT9F001 - 14MP, 1.4um-pixel based sensor. The new sensor is able to capture 1080p/60fps HD video using four-lane HiSPi (High Speed Serial Pixel Interface) serial data interface.

Aptina A-Pix technology is claimed to overcome the challenge of effective photon collection in the photodiodes that small pixels present when using conventional FSI approach. The result achieved with Aptina’s technology is said to be BSI-equivalent in terms of sensitivity, but with less crosstalk for lower noise and more accurate color reproduction.


  1. I guess this is Aptina's light pipe technology...but so far I can't find a description on their website using Google: Aptina A-pix technology

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  2. Digitimes mentioned A-Pix some half a year ago, together with some ambiguous explanations:

  3. Based on the timing, use in a front-side-illuminated chip, and some hand-waving reverse engineering of market-speak, it might be the company's technology of a lens-forming dielectric layer with the right thickness and index of refraction over top of a silicide block dielectric layer.


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