Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Hynix and SETi First Public High-Profile Design Wins

Digitimes reports that Omnivision lost VGA sensor slot in HP low-priced notebooks to Hynix and SETi. This appears to be the first publicly announced high-profile design wins for the two Korean companies. They won by undercutting Omnivision's price, according to Digitimes' sources.

Samsung also won Asustek design slots over Omnivision, based on lower pricing. However, Samsung sensors are reported to be in short supply, so Asustek got back to Omnivision. Lower pricing could help Omnivision to regain lost design slots, according to Digitimes.


  1. Congratulation, Hynix!!
    By the way,.. as I know, the partnership is Hynix + SiliconFile and SETi + Dongbu.
    Does this news mean two product for each company?
    Or they got a "new" partnership?
    Since Dongbu started to make their own image sensor, I think "Dongbu+SETi" partnership will be getting weaker.

  2. I would hardly call it the first.

    You reported Hynix taking HP away from Omnivision on June, 23.

  3. Well, Digitimes said in June that HP still prefers Omnivision's sensors over Hynix for its mini-notebooks. Here is the original Digitimes' text:

    "OmniVision will offer an inexpensive VGA CMOS image sensor (CIS), the 7675, for use in handsets or notebooks in September 2009, in a bid to recover lost global market share due to competition from Samsung Electronics and Hynix Semiconductor, according to industry sources in Taiwan.

    The sources pointed out that OmniVision's 7675 has better light sensitivity because its size (1/9-inch) is bigger than Hynix's 1/10-inch products, therefore, Hewlett-Packard (HP) has decided to use the 7675 instead of Hynix's products for its low-cost Mini-note family, the sources noted.

    The sources expect OmniVision will stop volume production of its 7690 after it launches the 7675, and its inventory of 7690 will be digested in 1-2 months.

    So, today is the first time I see a public article about Hynix and SETi winning a first-tier customer. If you mean non-public information, it's another matter.

  4. The OV7675 was not in production and was only released Oct.29 now in Nov. HP says no to Omnivision after releasing it.

  5. " The OV7675 was not in production " ???
    Abviously you have no source in TSMC.

    You have no idea the volume of OV7675.

  6. OV7675(1/9")will be the mainstream in low-end VGA Market even if its price is higher than the others, lots of key-men from module-houses said.


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