Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Mediatek Adopts EDoF for 3G Camera-Phones

Digitimes reports that Mediatek adopts EDoF-enabled sensors for its Chinese-market 3G handset IC solutions since the first half of 2009. EDoF image sensors are expected to become more popular in the global handset market in 2010 because EDoF module prices are about US$3 lower than AF modules, according to Digitimes' sources.

Digitimes sources think that EDoF image sensors will be the first choice for cameraphones with 3MP or higher resolutions in the future, and 8MP cameraphones will become the mainstream in 2-3 years from now.


  1. This was somehow announced already in February:

  2. True, ISW also referred to this:

    Today's report adds more color to the February announcement talking more about market adoption and prices.

  3. Any how, this time there is a specific EDoF sensor that was approved - STMicroelectronics and TSRA (De-blur).

  4. So, one could expect ST going big on Chinese market. Great news!


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