Friday, November 13, 2009

Don Scansen Presentation On-Line

Don Scansen has published a version of his IntertechPira Image Sensors 2009 presentation on his SemiconDr site. Quite interesting market intelligence and analysis info! For example, this is the market share pie for 2008 (I suppose there should be "two-thirds" in the right hand side statement):


  1. who cares about number of sensors, should compare dollars instead....

  2. No, number of sensors matters! That shows who will survive and who won't. Those running higher number of sensors fill the fabs and are likely to be favored by fabs.

  3. It is scary for both Aptina and OVT that Samsung has become of the top 3s. And who is eating MagnaChip's slice?

  4. Do you mean who ate Magnachip's slice? They are out of the image sensor business now.

    Like any contender, the goal at Samsung is to be number 1 and they are well on our way, but I speak for myself and not Samsung. I expect Aptina to continue to be a technology leader even though their manufacturing is inherently weaker and likely more expensive. I am always amazed at OVT's tenacity and competitiveness. I do expect Sony upward mobility although I think they will tend to be a premium supplier in technology but not in cut throat large volume manufacturing cost. This will limit their market share. I don't have high hopes for Toshiba. I also expect Panasonic to move out of the third tier into the 2nd tier before long. So for the future (~1-2 years) I expect:

    1. Samsung
    2. OVT
    3. Aptina

    4. Sony
    5. Panasonic
    6. Toshiba
    7. ST

    8. Others

    Well, we can see how my predictive skills pan out in 2 years or so.

  5. what is weakness of ST?
    why Fossum give it a lower rank 2 years from now?

  6. again, number of sensors is irrelevant, number of wafers matters because it's linked with value. Omnivision can fit huge amount of tiny VGAs to a wafer and still the wafer count and value can be relatively small. Also the margings in the low end are smaller.

    Value matters and defines who will survive the game....


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