Friday, December 17, 2010

3D News: Primesense, GestureTek, TYZX, Guinness

In a little more than one week passed since Primesense released its OpenNI drivers the open source community produced an amazing quantity of 3D-based games. Youtube has tens of videos demos of these games, simple applications and trials. Here is one of them:

Imaging Executive Podcast published an interview with GestureTek co-founder and president Vincent John talking about different projects with 3D cameras.

TYZX is in the Guinness World Records Museum, not as record-holder, but as part of a new interactive display created by design firm Electroland. When pedestrians pass the Hollywood Boulevard, LA - located museum, the three TYZX cameras detect their presence and triggers the display 3D avatars on a series of large flat-panel displays. The avatars perform various world-record feats, such as juggling chainsaws.

Update: Business Wire: Primesense announces the launch of its OpenNI (Open Natural Interaction) consortium, an industry-led, nonprofit organization formed to accelerate the introduction of Natural Interaction applications into the marketplace. The role of OpenNI is to certify and promote the compatibility and interoperability of Natural Interaction devices, applications and middleware, while encouraging developers to build applications and create experiences that will shape the future of Natural Interaction.


  1. This video looks like the man is moving his arm and the flying device is doing something. Hard to recognize any correlation between the user and the controlled device.

  2. the fly device is remotely controlled!


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