Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Andor Launches Cooled sCMOS Camera

Andor announced the launch of the Neo camera platform based on scientific CMOS (sCMOS) technology. The company calls Neo sCMOS the most significant camera launch in the recent times. The sensor spec has been improved by TE cooling down to -40C. Specifically, the read noise went down to 1e- at 30fps full resolution speed and 1.4e- at 100fps speed (was 2e in not cooled sensor).

Thanks to R.C. for sending me the info!


  1. Rolling or global shutter achieves the 1 or 1.4 e- noise?

  2. I have searched and searched but there is no mention of the MTF performance of the device. Does anyone know if the data exists?

    also, i find it interesting that to get to 1e- noise, they "filter" out higher noise pixels.

    if that is the case... why not filter all the pixels and get 0 e- noise? :)

  3. You probably have to get an NDA with Fairchild, Andor, or PCO to get the MTF data.

  4. filter: I am guessing it is just getting rid of high RTSN pixels

  5. interesting way to get low noise... just ignore the noisy pixels! AHA!

    why didn't I think of that!!! :)


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