Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Omnivision Pleased with OmniBSI-2 Progress

Seeking Alpha published Omnivision quarterly earnings call transcript. Some interesting quotes:

Shaw Hong, CEO:

...we shipped record volumes of image sensors exceeding 180 million units. This is the highest level of units ever shipped by OmniVision in the first quarter.

...Now pursuing design wins for BSI-2 and we believe we are more than a generation ahead of most competitors. We anticipate shipping BSI-2 based products in the next calendar year.

...our CameraCube products are gaining traction and we are shipping those products in steady volumes.

Ray Cisneros, VP WW Sales:

In our second fiscal quarter we shipped a record high of nearly of 185 million units as compared to 134 million units in our prior quarter. The average selling price in our fiscal second quarter was $1.29 as compared to $1.44 in the prior quarter.

The sequential drop in the average selling price was driven by the shift in our products mix mainly due to a surge in shipments of our new BSI HD sensor OV9726 and our new specialized VGA product of the OV3738. These chips are ... smaller in size and therefore carry a lower ASP.

...OmniBSI has been adopted ... by all Tier 1 customers in all segments.

...we're going to refrain from breaking out too much detail in regards to our specific plans around BSI-2. ... we are extremely, extremely pleased with the engineering progress that has transpired with this platform. We are extremely pleased with the product developments that are directly taking place today and we're very, very pleased with our engagements with Tier 1 leading customers to adopt Omni BSI-2. All that being said we're lining up for some time within the next calendar year to start ramping up production and ramping up initial projects with customers. I would say sometime in the early, the latter half of the Q2, Q3 timeframe calendar year next year would be the ramp of some of these activities.


  1. 50% of wafer starts are now BSI. That's a pretty fast ramp up.

  2. any news on Aptina?

  3. DRAM price drop may help Aptina

  4. well I say hats off to OVT for a bang-up quarter and doubly so for sticking out your necks productizing and ramping BSI...

    looks to me that you guys are hitting on all cylinders as we used to say in Texas...


  5. BSI from Aptina is expected in 2nd half of 2011


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