Tuesday, January 31, 2012

ST Announces 40W LED Flash Controller

ST announces STCF04, an integrated camera flash and torch controller that raises the maximum power of an LED flash module from a few Watts, typical of today’s designs, to over 40 Watts, producing the brightness equivalent to an outdoor security floodlight. The STCF04 is used in a configuration combining a supercapacitor, a discrete high-current MOSFET switch and high-power white LEDs.

A complete flash module built using the STCF04 occupies around 60mm2 of pc-board space. Although larger than other LED modules of lower power, the result remains significantly smaller and simpler than a xenon circuit while satisfying the demand for very high-energy flash illumination.

The STCF04 is currently sampling with full production planned at the end of Q1 2012 The controller is priced at $2.00 for orders of 1000 pieces. Two major partners – Murata which is leading producer of supercapacitors and OSRAM which is a top-tier supplier of flash modules for leading smartphone platforms have begun using the device to showcase the best capabilities of their latest products.

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