Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Movidius and Toshiba Present 3D Imaging Platform

EETimes: Movidius announces it has partnered with Toshiba to develop a 3D system solution for the smartphone market. Movidius' MA1178 3D processor has been combined with Toshiba's 8MP EDOF cameras to enable 3D camera module manufacturers to deliver a 3D imaging solution for top of the range smartphones. EDOF cameras offer distinct advantages over traditional autofocus in terms of 3D synchronisation.

The Movidius MA1178 Dual ISP and video processor compensates for sub‐optimal vertical alignment of the camera sensors and for differences between pitch, yaw and roll of the sensors.  Also variations in sensor colors are balanced. The system solution offers flexibility for customers to implement a symmetric or asymmetric set up of either two 8MP EDOF cameras or a combination of 8MP and 3MP EDOF cameras:

The Movidius MA1178 ISP features:

  • 2D&3D Video Capture up to HD 720p
  • 2D Image Capture up to 8MP
  • 3D Image Capture up to 8MP
  • Dual ISP Pipelines
  • Half Side-by-Side 3D Capture Format
  • Dual Camera Rectification Algorithms
  • Auto-synchronization of AE, AWB, AF or EDOF
  • Automatic Convergence
    <0.75m – to – far object distances

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