Friday, December 13, 2013

CSR Stops ISP Development

Reuters, The Telegraph: CSR announces that it will no longer develop new ISPs for digital cameras due to the market weakness and smartphone cameras competition. CSR has entered the camera processor market with acquisition of Zoran in 2011. Its COACH image processor line used to be popular among the major digital camera makers. The line has contributed $36M of revenue in the first nine months of the year. About 200 jobs will be eliminated by Q2 2014 as a result of the re-structuring.



  1. How did CSR executives manage to run this business to the ground in little over 2 years?

  2. The Coach business was on the decline for years before CSR acquired Zoran. The real question is why CSR kept the ISP business around for so long?

  3. Ambarella should be next in few years.
    Not sure why people at Ambarella are still so positive about this business.


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