Monday, December 09, 2013

Ziptronix Sells its Development Lab to Tezzaron

Marketwired: Ziptronix announces an agreement with Tezzaron Semiconductor and Novati Technologies, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tezzaron, to sell its 3D IC development lab to Tezzaron, to be operated by Novati. Due to widespread adoption of direct bonding in volume manufacturing, Ziptronix no longer has to dedicate its resources to supporting a lab for commercialization of its patented ZiBond and DBI technologies. The deal includes a strategic agreement with Tezzaron that provides Ziptronix's lab customers continued access to the facility.

Triange Business Journal adds that Novati takes over 11 Ziptronix employees. The six remaining Ziptronix staffers moved from the lab with the headquarters in Raleigh, NC. Ziptronix's work will still be conducted at the facility as part of the deal. The 11 employees will continue "to do what they always did, but they’re working for Novati."

"ZiBond has been in high-volume manufacturing for several years now and DBI is well on its way into production," said Dan Donabedian, CEO of Ziptronix. "Quite simply, as the market is now convinced of the value of our technology, our needs have shifted. As we look to accelerate 3D integration, our focus is increasingly on addressing the needs of the maturing and emerging markets that are adopting our technology via licensing."

Ziptronix's DBI (Direct Bond Interconnect) is said to achieve over 100,000,000 electrical connections per square centimeter; a significant increase over the ~100,000 connections per square centimeter density achieved with through-die vias used in other 3D interconnect approaches. DBI is said to be considered by several manufacturers of next generation image sensors to directly connect control electronics and memory to the pixel sensing layer. This can enable direct control of the individual pixel with extremely short connections.


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