Thursday, December 05, 2013

Determine Sensor Format from Web-Sized Picture

Reddit user Mike Cialowicz runs an interesting experiment: can you guess the image sensor format of a web-sized picture by looking at it? Over the last 13 hours the results are not that far from 50-50:


  1. The same image side by side with different senor and then you'd have something. The larger formats have better apparent res even web size due to better resolving power of the lenses. Put the ISO and shutter speed and it would be even easier. Theres no doubt that any sensor can take a great picture so this test doesn't show anything.

  2. I would expect a moderate correlation since people with expensive cameras are more likely to know how to use them properly and to take "better" pictures.

  3. So.. random pictures with random settings? Kinda useless test. If you stop down full frame enough and the conditions are good - compact can look exactly like FF - even if you won't downscale pictures to such a tiny size. There's nothing new in that. People buy FF cameras for different reasons than just image quality at random aperture downscaled to 500px.


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