Thursday, December 05, 2013

Image Sensors 2014 Conference Agenda Finalized

Image Sensors 2014 to be held on March 18-20, 2014 in London, UK has published a final program:

The Future of CMOS Imaging
Howard Rhodes, CTO, Omnivision

The Megapixel Story - a decade to 2014 and beyond
Juha Alakarhu, Head of Imaging Technology at Nokia, Finland

Post-capture image manipulation and colour management
Sylvain Paris, Researcher - Advanced Technology Labs, Adobe, US

Extremely low crosstalk and high SNR technology in small size pixel CMOS image sensor
JunChak Ahn, Principal Engineer, Samsung, Korea

Evolution of 3D integration for CMOS image sensors
Lindsay Grant, Imaging Division Process Manager, ST Microelectronics, UK

What can the foundry contribute to advanced image sensor design and manufacture?
Guenther Ernst, CEO, L-Foundry Germany

What do consumers really want from gesture control, and what are the technology routes to getting there?
Jochen Penne, Director BU Consumer & New Technologies, PMD Technologies, Germany

Evaluating the feasibility of gesture control technologies and integration into consumer applications
Ravi Ayyagari, General Manager (Imaging), Texas Instruments, India

2D solutions for gesture recognition
Speaker TBC

Evaluation of different global shutter image sensor technologies
Dr Manuel Innocent, Design Engineer, ON Semiconductor, Belgium

Developments in voltage domain global shutter technologies and wider trends
Guy Meynants, CTO, CMOSIS, Belgium

Innovation in charge domain global shutter technologies
Shoji Kawahito, Professor, Brookman Technology / Shizuoka University, Japan

Overview of imaging in automotive - history and current state of play
Patrick Denny, Senior Research Engineer, Valeo Systems, Ireland

OEM perspective #1 - drivers for adoption of imaging systems in mainstream automotive applications
Martin Edney, Lead System Engineer, Jaguar Land Rover, UK

Tier 1 perspective - supply chain challenges, balancing end user needs with technology capabilities
Hamma Tadjine, Technical Consultant, VW / Senior Project Manager, IAV, Germany

Sensor producer perspective - specific developments requirements for automotive, challenges
Speaker TBC

OEM perspective #2 - future requirements and trends for automotive imaging
Speaker TBC

The future of high-speed imaging - technology, applications and challenges
Takeharu Etoh, Ritsumeikan University, Japan

Progress with artificial retina technology and applications
Professor Jun Ohta, Professor at Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan

Latest developments for plastic electronics in image sensor applications
Laurent Jamet, Co-Founder, Business Development, ISORG, France

Backside illuminated imagers, embedded CCD in CMOS based imagers and hyperspectral imagers
Piet De Moor, Program Manager for Optical Sensors, IMEC, Belgium

Future requirements in broadcast imaging
Richard Salmon, Lead Research Engineer, BBC Research & Development, UK

More pixels or more than pixels? The future of semiconductor photosensing
Peter Seitz, Managing Director, Hamamatsu Photonics Innovation Center Europe, Switzerland

There are also two workshops on the first day:

A Million Images per Second and Beyond
Renato Turchetta, Rutherford Appleton Laboratory
plus guest speakers.

What on earth shall I do with all these pixels?
Albert Theuwissen, Harvest Imaging


  1. Telling from the titles, it is probably more of a business show than technical conference.

  2. Who tries to talk about the future and beyond should be very careful! He can be considered as ridicule in a near future :)-

  3. IMEC is in Belgium, not France :)

  4. and PMD Technologies is in Germany, not Belgium :)

  5. Sorry, guys. I've just copied it from the conference site without proofreading.


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