Sunday, December 22, 2013

More on TowerJazz-Panasonic JV

TowerJazz publishes Q&A document on its joint venture with Panasonic. One of the answers directly states that the most advanced Panasonic internal CIS processes are becoming available to TowerJazz customers on a foundry basis:

Q: What does the acquisition mean for TowerJazz customers?

A: The JV will provide TowerJazz customers with access to a 12 inch fab, enabling the company with a cutting edge technology roadmap on top of its current offering, and will include 65nm and 45nm CMOS and 65nm advanced image sensor production flows.
Furthermore, the JV is expected to increase TowerJazz’s technology portfolio by providing multiple additional specialty flows, including Panasonic’s High Definition FSI – a world famous CIS benchmark technology for high quantum efficiency, its world class low dark current CIS technology, and its high voltage SOI based power management technologies.

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  1. What do you think this really means, exactly? "Following this transaction, TowerJazz will reorganize its Japanese business, which may include fab consolidations between TowerJazz's Nishiwaki facility and the JV's facilities, and therefore TowerJazz is evaluating potential venture partners for the Nishiwaki facility."


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