Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Aptina Aims its 1-inch and 1/2-inch 4K Image Sensors to Security and Surveillance Applications

Business Wire: Aptina re-targets the previously announced 1-inch 4K AR1011HS sensor to security and surveillance markets. The AR1011HS is a 10.8MP image sensor based on a large 3.4┬Ám DR-Pix pixel (84dB DR according to web site, 66dB according to flyer). At full-resolution, the AR1011HS offers 60fps video, nearly double that of competitive sensors, while jumping to 120 fps for 1080p HD mode. For cameras with a smaller optical format, Aptina introduces another previously announced sensor, the 1/2-inch 18MP AR1820HS, too capable of 4K video. The AR1820HS offers a summing mode that jumps the SNR by 6dB in 1080p videos while lowering the overall operating power.

"Arecont Vision is pleased to be the first to demonstrate the Aptina AR1011HS 4K image sensor in an ultra-high definition (UHD) IP security camera," said Raul Calderon, SVP at Arecont Vision. "Our newest 4K camera utilizing the Aptina AR1011HS is a high-performance addition to our portfolio of megapixel imaging technology that will help us continue to lead the market in professional security applications and products."

"Aptina will continue to innovate imaging solutions for surveillance customers," said Sandor Barna, CTO at Aptina. "Delivering full resolution and 4K video in a variety of optical formats allows surveillance developers to increase the image quality, improve the overall reliability and lower the total cost of ownership of their security solutions."

Aptina AR1011HS 1-inch, 10.8MP sensor.
AR1011HS Block Diagram
1/2-inch AR1820 video modes


  1. So, in your professional opinion, is it 66dB or 84dB of DR?

    1. from previous Aptina processors, I would guess it's 66dB, and 84dB only when using some variable-shutter-speed HDR trickery

  2. It's 84 dB of DR. I have the datasheet, so it's an error on the flyer. Cool sensor, I can't believe Arecont put it in a Surveillance camera, that's awesome!

  3. In this case, we can simply take a sensor inside SONY, Canon, etc DSC to make such surveillance cameras.

    1. Not exactly ... the full frame readout rate is not usually 30-60fps required for video

    2. but all DSC can capture full HD video at 60fps, this is not enough for surveillance camera?

  4. Is it 66dB or 84dB of DR?

    Both. Sorta.

    Full well capacity (25ke) to lowest read noise (1.6e) at max premap gain gives 84dB DR but you can't actually use that DR in practice.

    Note that it's a 12bit output (from a 13 bit ADC with digital CDS so the max output is around 3700) that's 71dB max. If the lowest bit is noise then 66dB is what you can use at any given amplifier gain. If you work through the numbers you get a max DR at lowest gain ("ISO 100") 64dB and it stays at around that level up to ISO 800.

    A full description of the chip (with full specs) was in "free papers" mentioned yesterday.

    A 1-inch Optical Format, 80fps, 10.8Mpixel CMOS Image Sensor Operating in a Pixel-to-ADC Pipelined Mode
    ITE Trans. on MTA Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 95-101 (2014)
    Isao Takayanagi, Norio Yoshimura, Toshiaki Sato, Shinichiro Matsuo, Tetsuji Kawaguchi, Kazuya Mori, Shinji Osawa, Timothy Bales, Ernesto S. Gattuso, Douglas Fettig, Bob Gravelle, Dan Pates, Scott Johnson, Junichi Nakamura
    Released: April 01, 2014

    This sensor is used in the first generation of Nikon 1. It's better than it's given credit for on the forums :-)

  5. Hello.

    Is there any information on the results of work with Arecont Vision AR1011 matrix.
    Does this camera for sale.


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