Monday, April 28, 2014

Canesta Veterans Unveil a New Gesture Recognition Company

EETimes, Venture Beat: Aquifi, founded by a few ex-Canesta engineers, announce Fluid Experience - software only gesture recognition based on a regular HD-resolution webcam, machine learning algorithms and cloud services. The cloud part accumulates the different users experience with the gesture tracking and processes it to improve the accuracy over time.

"If Kinect was the first generation, we’re building the second generation," said Nazim Kareemi, Aquifi CEO. "In the past, you had to adapt to the machine. We want it to adapt to you." The Palo Alto, Calif.-based Aquifi has raised $9M from Benchmark Capital, and private investors including Mike Farmwald, cofounder of Rambus. Aquifi was founded in 2011, and it has 29 employees. A Youtube video presents the company and its technology:


  1. Wow, a whole clip without saying anything at all ...

  2. They forgot to add "social media" to their overview, leaving a few $mil on the table with the VCs right there.

    1. and big data.... don't forget big data. that's hot, too.

  3. Our brains can do GR with a single eye, no active IR required. Active IR solutions were designed in an era before the computational power we have available today so the idea of taking a fresh computational approach makes some sense. What doesn't make sense is doing this all in the cloud in SW as it won't scale and will be high latency. If they do it in the device or partially in the device (Margaret Martonosi's SignalGuru @ Princeton) then they might have a chance.

  4. From the folks that crashed and burned Canesta, that was sold to MSFT as an IP portfolio and where investors lost millions. Presenting to you... a new train wreck.


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