Wednesday, April 02, 2014

Pyxalis Adopts Cortus Processors for its Smart Sensors

Design & Reuse: Pyxalis announces that it has been using Cortus APS cores in multiple image sensor designs. The processors offer the possibility to integrate more application-specific image processing functions such as auto-white balance, auto-exposure control, etc.

"By using Cortus processor cores we have been able to offer our customers very flexible sensor operation enabling a lot of different modes depending on the applications", says Philippe Rommeveaux, CEO of Pyxalis. He adds, "Cortus processor cores, with their small silicon footprint, complement our Pyxalis IP allowing us to efficiently deliver designs for different market segments".

"We are honoured to be chosen by Pyxalis for their high performance image sensors", says Michael Chapman, CEO and President of Cortus, "Their approach of adding intelligence close to the sensor is an emerging trend in the industry. Using a processor core not only offers programmability to end users, but helps the Pyxalis design team efficiency by making derivative designs easier to implement".

To date over 500 million devices have been manufactured containing Cortus processor cores.

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