Tuesday, May 05, 2015

CIS and CCD Animations in Legal Battles

Raymond Sirí publishes his nice animations that have been used in a trial against Canon Inc. A Vimeo CMOS image sensor animation is here:

A Vimeo CCD animation is below:

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  1. Well, I can tell you that those nice animations were totally lost on the jury as far as I could tell. Canon also had nice animations that were similar. The issues here were using a blocking mask for silicide formation, filed years after everyone was already doing that, and also for using angled implants in the making the PPD, also used extensively in CCDs and by Kodak, who taught the inventors on that patent. The jury found for Intellectual Ventures, in a bizarre twist of fate, and demonstrating the power of having a US Patent when going to trial, even if well known and documented prior to the application.

    I note that the animations are labeled with (c) Desmaris LLP, who was the lead litigator for Intellectual Ventures in this case, and also the owner of Round Rock Research (a patent holding company, I think). Anyway, personally, I would not want to accidentally post a copywrite-d video of a litigious attorney. Not a problem for this blog, but possibly a problem for the artist and Vimeo.


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